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Residential Carpet

Carpet is the most popular and common flooring in the United States. That is because it is extremely affordable and easy to install. Aside from the economic advantages, it also helps keep your home warmer because it adds thermal resistance, is extremely versatile from a design standpoint, has the lowest levels of VOC emissions of any flooring type, reduces noise and provides padding for slips and falls. It is no wonder that people in California, as well as the rest of the country, choose carpeting.

Crest Contract Carpets has over fifty years of experience in the flooring business and in that time we’ve developed relationships with the finest manufacturers around. That means we have a vast selection of superior quality and beautiful carpeting to choose from. The best part is, we have a showroom, or we can bring the selection to you. If you are looking for new flooring options, we’ll send a design consultant to you, armed with samples and ideas, so you can see firsthand what new carpeting looks like right next to your current interior design. That is why we are the number one choice in Maryland for quality carpeting.

Advantages of Carpet

  • Carpet keeps your home warmer because of thermal resistance.

  • Carpet reduces noise and provide padding for slips and falls.

  • Carpet comes in a variety of styles, patterns, colors, and hues.

  • Carpet can hide many errors in the sub-floor that hard surfaces can't.

  • Carpet is economical and usually cost much less than hard surface products.

Featured Products

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Featured Manufactures

A few of our favorite carpet manufactures.

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